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Indoor agriculture has advanced to a point where it can produce the healthiest crops on the planet, significantly reducing resource consumption and the impact farming has on our planet.  Given our desire to create a sustainable future, HYDRALED has worked tirelessly to make horticultural LEDs more affordable and as efficient as possible. 


Our patented hydronic lighting system accomplishes this by dramatically reducing the price of LED fixtures, almost eliminating the need for ducted cooling, and more than doubling the energy efficiency of CEA facilities through the capture and utilization of waste heat. 


Our flagship fixture will consume 1,250 watts and produce 3,375 micromoles (2.7umol/watt) of violet dominant, wide spectrum light.  Since more than 40% of its photons will be in the 400 - 450 nm range, this spectrum will stimulate chlorophyll a unlike any other lighting system, improving plant morphology, reducing pest pressure, and increasing yields per watt. 

Additionally, our cooling technology has significantly reduced the size, weight, and price that you have come to expect from LEDs.  The total package, including the power supply, is 3" x 3" x 10.25" and weighs less than 5 pounds!  Most importantly, the flagship fixture will retail for $1,500 (in volume), with the cooling system costing an additional $200 per light for most facilities.  

We will also be releasing a standard spectrum fixture will produce 3,500 micromoles with 1,250 watts (2.8umol/watt).  Our white diodes peak at 445nm and provide a balanced spectrum for the majority of the PAR region.  This spectrum works well for both sole-source and supplemental lighting, since allows the plant to utilize Raman Scattering and Fluorescence to its advantage.  It is the same size as our flagship fixture and will retail for $1,000 plus $200 for the cooling system.


To provide a helpful price comparison, the total buildout for 3,375 micromoles of double-ended HPS (DEHPS) and cooling would cost around $1,250 for an indoor facility and $825 for a greenhouse.  However, a HYDRALED facility will consume around $400 less in electricity per year (depending on your rates), while stimulating chlorophyll more effectively, improving plant morphology, and increasing yields.  Therefore, some utilities are willing to cover up to 60% of the cost! 



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